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Commercial and Industry
Safety Training

Woodhill Training Services understands the paramount importance of prioritising safety in the workplace.


Through our comprehensive Commercial and Industry safety training programmes, we equip your workforce with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate potential hazards effectively, reducing accidents and fostering a secure work environment.

Woodhill Training Services Industry Safety Training

With our safety training solutions, your business gains a competitive edge by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being and compliance with industry regulations. Investing in our tailored safety training courses not only safeguards your employees but also protects your business from potential liabilities and costly accidents.

At Woodhill Training Services, we take pride in our experienced instructors and cutting-edge training methodologies that guarantee results. Trust us to empower your team with the confidence and competence to face any workplace challenge safely.

Choose Woodhill Training Services for unrivalled Commercial and Industry Safety Training that promotes productivity, enhances employee morale, and elevates your company's reputation. Your safety is our priority, and our Commercial and Industry Safety Training services will undoubtedly propel your business towards a brighter, accident-free future.

What training requirements does your business need?

Forklift Training

Crane Training

Manual Handling

Abrasive Handling

Working at Heights

Banksman Training

Alloy Tower Training

Harness Handling

Skid Steer Training

EFAW Training

CSR - One Day Health & Safely Training

MEWP Training

Securing Loads

Risk Assessment


Method Statement


If you would like to take the first step in creating a safer working environment for your business and its valuable employees, 

book your training course with us today. If you do not see the specific course listed above, don't worry, contact us. 

Call Us For More Information -  +44 (0) 28 2588 0352

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